Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kappe Goodu (Frog House)!

How many remember doing this in childhood days? Well, it used to be so fun doing this with so many friends in the hot sun in the morning, during rainy days. In Bangalore, it would be scorching sun in the morning and rain heavily in the evening. We used to love and hate rains, love to drench; hate that we cannot play our preferred games such as hide and seek, badminton, cricket, etc… My God, the list goes on and on, unlike these day kids who don’t have much opportunity to play outsideL.
Coming back to “Kappe Goodu”, isn’t the name exciting? We would go to any construction site around our home and start digging the sand heaps there to build the “Kappe Goodu” believing that a frog would come and keep a coin in the goodu, how funny! This would be during rainy days; the next day we would see the frog, the rain, but our Kappe Goodu would have vanished due to rains or the sand would be used for construction. This would go on and never shatter our hope of finding a coin one day and continue doing this. Such innocence in the tender age, alas all goes as we grow!  
Also another game would be four of us digging on four sides and reaching for each other’s hand from inside that hole. Our hand would be completely inside that hole till our shoulder; the fun part would be that the sand heap should not break while we do so.
When I saw my husband playing in sand along with Prisha, our friend’s daughter on the beach; I remembered this Kappe Goodu and thought it would be good to put this in black and white.

It surely brings in lot of pleasure; relaxation to body and soul to be a child again J.
Someone has told that It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. But the second one is up to you and no one else”. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The longest night of my life

The longest night of my life
25th July 2008, it was raining in Bangalore. There was also a bomb scare making news. 
It was like whole of Bangalore is grieving for my father's non-presence. 
Everybody in our family were outside the hospital as we weren’t supposed to stay in a group near the ICU as that would disturb other patients visitors too. We saw some happy families saying that their husband/son /daughter/mother are fine to be shifted to ward. We also expected that our Dad should be out of ICU soon; yes, he came out of ICU, but not as we wanted him toL.
Many people visiting my father at the hospital and I talk to them what the Doctor is saying. Many giving their opinions about shifting to another hospital which was not at all possible at that time; the same morning, my cousin and I spoke to the Intensive Care Unit doctor. I still remember her name, Dr.Sandhya; a new morning, new hope, new desire, new improvement… Yes, new improvement that I was expecting the Doctor to tell us, but my dad showed no sign of improvement, the condition was worse and the Doctor told us that there was no small chanceL.
My cousin and I had to muster the courage to convey the same to others in our family. This is so hard to do. God made me take this huge responsibility of delivering this dreadful message. We just kept it to ourselves and told that Surgeon who was treating my Dad has to come and give his opinion.
In the evening, we told many of our relatives to go home as it was raining. My cousins, brother, Mom and I were told that he is been removed of the ventilation support and no moreL. As it was already evening, we didn’t want to break the news to my dad’s sisters who are all older to him. My Mother and I were the two to know about this news along with our cousins and brother. My mom and I couldn’t sleep the whole night, we kept weeping for ourselves holding each other. July 25, 2008 night was one of the longest nights of my life. So many thoughts making round, so many things that had to be taken care... Appa, I know you were not aware of what was happening to you; but we suffered along with youL.
We had so many hands and hearts that helped us to pass though this phase. I sincerely thank each one of them and will remember it for life.
This day of every year brings back those frightful moments that we underwent as a familyL. Today is July 25, 2012. Appa, I know you are watching us, blessing us from wherever you are.  We miss you a lot and I know that Shella Paati, Prema Atthe and Suguna Atthe are taking good care of you there .
You will always remain with us in the form of guiding light!

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Temple the Teacher built is the Child’s immortal soul!

A builder built a temple, he wrought it grace and skill,
Pillars and groins and arches, all fashioned to work his will.
Men said as they saw its beauty, “it shall never know decay.
Great thy skill, O builder, the fame should endure for eye”.

A Teacher built a temple with love and infinite care,
Planning each arch with patience, laying each stone with prayer
None praised his unceasing efforts, none knew about his wondrous plan
For the temple the teacher build was unseen by the eyes of man.

Gone is the builder’s temple, crumbled into the dust;
Low lays each stately pillar, food for consuming rust.
But the temple the Teacher build will last while the ages roll,
for the beautiful unseen temple is the Child’s immortal Soul.

I have been reading this since my school days; don’t remember from where I collected this. I’m proud to say that I have been in the hands of such Teachers; without whom this life would not have been as beautiful as it is now!

When I look back in my life, few people stand out as an example and role models for me. There are so many things that we can’t learn at home and many others that we can’t learn at school. I take this privilege to thank My Grandmother, Mother, Aunts, “Science Teacher in school” and Mother-in-law. They have been my great teachers. I have learnt a lot from them.

Happy Teacher’s day to all the Teachers who have made this life so beautiful with their preachings, teachings and punishments, ofcourseJ.

Friday, March 11, 2011

First Birthday away from home:

March 3rd 2011 was my birthday according to my star sign, Avittam (Dhanishta). This is my first birthday away from homeL. Though, we grow a year older on every birthday, it’s always a very fun filled moment and time for celebrationJ.
My Parents-In-Law were the first to wish me; I opened my mailbox on 2nd at 9:45 PM to see their email wishing me for my birthday! I was so happy and filled with joy to see their email. Tears rolled from my eyes missing home and family. I immediately replied to them with mixed emotions. My Husband sat next to me and held my hand consoling me.
On 3rd March 2011, my Mother called me to wish me; I controlled all my emotions. I haven’t wept even once while talking to my Mom or my In-Laws.
Every year my Mom would ask me what sweet I would like to have and she would prepare according to my choice. This time, she asked me what sweet I had prepared, somehow I didn’t feel like preparing any sweet. I told my Mom that I’ll on my actual birthdayJ.
In the evening, as soon as my Husband entered home from office, he opened the fridge; I was wondering why he’s doing it. I asked him if I’ll prepare coffee. He said may be we’ll go out and have something. I was not game for it. Suddenly I realized that he must have brought something for me and opened the fridge to find ice-cream, it was my favorite Chocolate Cornetto and also few chocolates. In our homes, we don’t do any cake cutting and blowing candles. Ice-cream and chocolates made my day. My Husband made sure that I don’t feel bad being away from home. Thank you Dear Hubby; I Love you a lotJ, you made my first birthday away from home very memorableJ.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Marriage Proposal Reminiscence

It all began at 6:50 PM on 16th Jan, 2009, Friday. I had packed up to leave from office to home. My Colleague (now my Husband) asked me if I’ll join him for a cup of coffee, just thought for a moment and I agreed. We went in his car to a Restaurant close by to office, called Amruth.
The coffee tasted really good at Amruth, miss it nowL. We spoke some official things while having coffee. We left from there by 7:30 PM and moved towards his car, I realized that he had something to say! When we reached his Car, he proposed “would you bid for a relationship with me”!!! At that moment, I was speechless and couldn’t say anything. May be, in my sub-conscious mind, I had expected this proposal from himJ. He dropped me back to office and said I can take time and reply him.
I couldn’t ride my first love (my Scooty Pep+, I called it my first love, till I got married!). I reached home and wanted to speak with my Mom about this, but didn’t know from where to start and how to tell her! I’m not as courageous as him. He just took a second to propose!
I sent a message to him saying that we need to talk about this and decided to have a chat session on 17th Jan, 2009 Saturday 11:00 AM in the morning.
All set for the chat session, we had few questions and clarifications and I concluded saying that I’ll talk with my Mom and let him know. This day, my Aunt(Dad's Sister) came home and by then, I had told my mother about this proposal as the groom hunt was happening full-fledged at our home. Reason all our family members and relatives wanted me to be married in the same year of my father’s demiseL. My Mom asked me to talk to my Aunt on the way to One more Aunt's place. I didn’t have the courage to talk to my Aunt either. How would a girl talk about her own marriage proposal, phew!
Even at my one more Aunt's place, I tried hard to speak about this proposal, but was not comfortableL. My Aunt and I left from my One more Aunt’s place and took respective buses to our destinations.
From Majestic bus stand to J.P.Nagar, bus route # 2, me and my would-be-Husband exchanged messages, after few messages, he said that he’s not comfortable texting and asked if he can call me. I was almost close to my home, I said ok and he called me. He asked me if I can come to his home tomorrow!!! 2nd day of the proposal, nothing decided at our home and he called me home. I had no reply to him and asked him to talk to my Mother and gave the phone to her. He was shocked to hear her as both my Mom and I sound the same over phone! My Mother told him that she’ll talk to elders at home and let him know. My Mother called up my Aunt and she in turn spoke to few other key family members and I got the permission to go to his home. Should I say, my first date was along with his family members, ha-haJ? We both decided to go to temple first and then to his home.
18th January 2009, Sunday 8:45 AM, my Husband was waiting for me at the Indira Gandhi Circle; a place close to our home and from there went to Ragigudda Sri Anjaneya Temple. After Darshan, we sat in the corridor of the Temple and spoke for few hoursJ. Then, by 10:45 we left from Temple to his home, I was nervous, going alone to his home without elders with me! It was obvious for me to be nervous! As soon as I entered my Would-Be-Husband’s home, I was shocked! He had not told anything at home and 18th Jan being his Parents (my In-Laws) Marriage Anniversary. His Brother’s family was also home. He introduced me as his would-be-wife, all were shocked, surprised and in tears, YES; IN TEARS OF JOY! My Man had been very adamant not to get married.
They were all very happy and I was flooded with questions from all sides. Must say this, I was shivering sitting in the tip of the sofa; my Husband came and sat next beside to comfort me. I introduced myself and told them that I’m an Iyengar. It would be Iyengar-Iyer collaboration ;). I have tears even after two years, when my Mother-In-Law held my hand tight and kept weeping in joy J. I didn't know how I should be responding to this. My Father-In-Law asked my Husband if he’s telling that he wants to marry me or if we are already married! That was another shock to me. It’s brunch at their place and all had done with their brunch. My husband told his family that our family also has to see him and it’s our Parents to decide about what next. This was a thrilling first date with family members.
My poor Husband had not eaten anything as I had told him that I don’t eat anything before going to Temple. We both from his home, went to Adiga’s Restaurant, had Idly Vada and coffeeJ.
From the Restaurant, went to my Aunt’s place. She was very happy after seeing him and wanted his horoscope to check if it matches with mine, though it was just a formality.
All went very smooth, both or our Families were very happy. We got engaged on March 1st 2009 and Married on 22nd May 2009.
I’m proud to be a part of this wonderful family! Thank you God for all thisJ
Marriage Proposal over a cup of CoffeeJJ