Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kappe Goodu (Frog House)!

How many remember doing this in childhood days? Well, it used to be so fun doing this with so many friends in the hot sun in the morning, during rainy days. In Bangalore, it would be scorching sun in the morning and rain heavily in the evening. We used to love and hate rains, love to drench; hate that we cannot play our preferred games such as hide and seek, badminton, cricket, etc… My God, the list goes on and on, unlike these day kids who don’t have much opportunity to play outsideL.
Coming back to “Kappe Goodu”, isn’t the name exciting? We would go to any construction site around our home and start digging the sand heaps there to build the “Kappe Goodu” believing that a frog would come and keep a coin in the goodu, how funny! This would be during rainy days; the next day we would see the frog, the rain, but our Kappe Goodu would have vanished due to rains or the sand would be used for construction. This would go on and never shatter our hope of finding a coin one day and continue doing this. Such innocence in the tender age, alas all goes as we grow!  
Also another game would be four of us digging on four sides and reaching for each other’s hand from inside that hole. Our hand would be completely inside that hole till our shoulder; the fun part would be that the sand heap should not break while we do so.
When I saw my husband playing in sand along with Prisha, our friend’s daughter on the beach; I remembered this Kappe Goodu and thought it would be good to put this in black and white.

It surely brings in lot of pleasure; relaxation to body and soul to be a child again J.
Someone has told that It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. But the second one is up to you and no one else”. 

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